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How to start?
First of all – the route.
You should determine the nature of your expedition – decide whether it will be more of a gentle ride or rather a constant struggle. If you plan to explore mountainous regions, be aware of the upcoming challenges. The long and steep uphill climbs are especially dangerous. Therefore, you need to be in great physical shape, but I will get to it in a moment.

Planning the route
Once you choose the travel destination, collect as many guidebooks as you can. If you cannot purchase or borrow any Polish-language guidebook, you can find guidebooks in English (e.g. the Lonely Planet series) in good camping shops.
Having read guidebooks and other publications outlining the culture of a chosen country, select the most interesting spots and mark them on a schematic map. After all, travel should broaden the mind, right?
Buy all the necessary maps. If they are available in Poland, you will definitely save some money. The medium-scale maps (1:200,000) are the best for road cycling, but also maps with a scale of 1:300,000 should be adequate. Large scale maps are essential when you plan to pull over, leave your luggage in a safe place and hit the trail once in a while.
You may send inquiries to Tourist Information Offices located on your route, but usually you will receive many useless brochures and pamphlets.
By the way, do not take too may guidebooks and maps – they are quite heavy.

If you travel to some exotic country, check in advance if you need to get vaccinated or prepare yourself in any special way. You will receive all the information at your Local Disease Control Centre and the Clinic of Tropical and Parasitic Diseases in Poznań (Tel: +48 61 869 13 60).