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Other accessories
Attach bar ends to the handlebar to avoid straining your arm muscles.

It is difficult to advise on selecting the best saddle. First of all, it should neither be too hard nor too soft. It is good if the saddle is covered with leather, but then it requires special care. Some people prefer wider saddles, but I cycle on a sports saddle – even during long expeditions. Anyway, whichever type you choose, it usually takes a few painful days before you get used to it.
Moreover, clothing and position during cycling are also important when it comes to relieving pain in certain areas of your body. Clothing will be discussed separately. As for the body position, note that the more you bend forwards, the less weight rests on the saddle. The result is obvious, but some tourists unaccustomed to this position may initially suffer from pain in the back, neck, and wrists. During my expeditions I cycle bent forward in a tucked position, and I do not complain. What is important, I cycle faster this way (due to aerodynamic advantages and better pedalling ergonomics).

When it comes to bicycle lighting, I recommend battery-powered lamps - easy to remove, providing light also when the bike stops, and causing no drag (contrary to dynamos). However, I found out that there is still a better solution, namely a head torch, whose light is emitted exactly in the direction where we are looking. You can buy head torches with 9 or 12 bright LED lights (or 1 extra bright one). Those can be complemented by a LED lamp mounted on the handlebar. If you have a set of high-capacity batteries at hand (AA batteries are now available up to 2700 mAh), these in no need to worry that the light will go out somewhere on the way. A single battery charge is enough to keep LED's running for dozens of hours.