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Accommodation is usually a major item on the list of expenses. A tent – preferably the dome type – can therefore be a good solution. It can be easily set up on any surface, even on concrete, and quickly moved to a different spot, if necessary. Naturally, the lighter the tent, the better. The flysheet should be coated with aluminium to keep warmth inside during cool nights, and prevent heat from getting in the tent when it is hot outside. Make sure that the seams are properly sealed and waterproof. You can make the tent lighter by supplying it with lightweight pegs. A single-skin tent is a worse choice than a double-skin tent with a flysheet, unless we go to a cool and windy region. A single-skin tent is characterised by less efficient ventilation – usually it is wet inside in the morning, as water vapour condenses on the fabric. Consequently, it must be dried afterwards. On the other hand, a double-skin tent is heavier. The poles should be made of glass fibres or – ideally – of special aluminium alloys, which are even more lightweight and more durable. 99% of glass fibre poles are prone to splitting over time, which makes them useless – they cannot be glued and effectively repaired.