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This time a threesome
24 March - 14 April 2001

Marian Tritt, Andrzej Wasilewski, Igor Czajkowski

Distance covered by bicycle:
1800 km

This time Marian and Andrzej, having heard my colourful tales about the previous expeditions, decided to accompany me on my trip to the island that is 'hot like a volcano'. We didn't have much time for sightseeing around Cuba – just three weeks. Besides, travelling was not easy due to quite poor tourism infrastructure (except for Havana and well known tourist resorts, but in such places hotel prices could be exorbitant). We also experienced some problems with finding food.

Cuba is undoubtedly full of magical charm, but I think one can only experience it having sneaked into places untouched by commercialism targeted at foreign tourists. Well, I may be exaggerating – there are still places like the old districts of Havana, with their magnetism that makes you want to go back.

Since we visited both popular tourist destinations and places which travellers reach very seldom, we got the full taste of Cuba – from excellent coffee, cigars and rum, through overnight accommodation at friendly Cubans' homes, to Cuban music enjoyed in Havana and Santiago de Cuba. Finally, we could experience on our own how creative Cubans are. This creativity is related to the struggle they face each day in order to live more comfortably, for example to keep their venerable vehicles running, even though it is impossible to get original spare parts anywhere.