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Photo camera
What would our journey be worth without pictures? After all, it is photos that give us energy needed for preparing further expeditions. They carry memories, and make the best souvenir you can take home from a trip. When it comes to choosing a camera, everyone has different needs. For some people a regular compact model will suffice, while others will not leave home without their beloved SLR, either analogue or digital.
Advantages and disadvantages of compact cameras:
+ small dimensions and weight
+ simple operation
+ often considerable zooming capability
+ easy to carry even in a pocket
- often no advanced options (for more ambitious photographers)
- poor optics (slow lens, unimpressive focal lengths, weak flash) and lower image quality
- no possibility of changing lens

Advantages and disadvantages of SLR's are just the contrary.

Obviously, if you want to take good photos, you will decide on an SLR. An ideal set would be an SLR with a 28-300 mm lens, but photo enthusiasts will surely know what to take.
A light tripod with telescopic legs can be helpful. Mine has extendable legs (up to 130 cm) and a pan & tilt head. Excellent for carrying around. Remember that it will not always be possible to ask somebody to take a photo for you. Besides, even when you find a helping hand, you may end up with a shot most of which shows the sky or the ground. A tripod is also necessary for macro photography and night photos requiring long exposure times.

If you use analog camera be sure to buy films in your country – they are cheaper here than abroad. Make sure you have a set of spare batteries. For longer expeditions, if you have a digicam you may also need a photobank, but in this case be ready to spend at least PLN 500.