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Sometimes I wonder what forces me to travel around the world by bicycle, to overcome countless difficulties before and during the bicycle expeditions. Is it an innate desire to visit and see the world, to meet new people, or maybe a need for adventure, emotions, facing the unknown? Maybe it is a way to prove something to myself? But is it sufficient motivation for pouring out liters of sweat? Perhaps it is a need to fight - an atavism that lies dormant in every one of us. It is clearly a struggle with oneself, parrying the attacks of such thoughts as: "I don't feel like doing this", "why am I doing this", "I can't stand it anymore", "every part of my body hurts", etc. Luckily one can find counter arguments to this: "I meet wonderful people", "everything around is so beautiful", etc.

And when I also see tears of happiness in the eyes of my traveling companion - there is no better reward!

Undoubtedly, one of the motives is the need to be alone for some time, to release all the emotions and everyday stress. It is definitely the desire to touch something elusive, imperceptible - something that is always in front of me and that I continuously leave behind...

Attention! Descriptions of our amazing bike expeditions may change your life. You read it at your own risk :-)
Igor demonstrates Enduro recumbent bicycle at "Bikemaniac" programme. Polish TV INFO 09-05-2011
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