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September 2008
Igor: I got a thing about recumbent bicycles. A bicycle designed specifically for extreme expeditions has been produced by Velogic. It is a SWB ASS 26/26 FS, i.e. a short wheel base bicycle with above seat steering and 26 inch wheels, including full suspension (RockShox Revelation 80-125mm travel at front, and Manitou Swinger Air 120mm travel at the back).

First rides were difficult, cause one has to learn to keep the balance. Nevertheless, after 300 kilometers I am already able to say that I can ride this vehicle. After first tests I see that the bicycle is doing well in rough terrain - thanks to the suspension one can do quite extreme downhills! The bicycle is equipped with two solid carriers for panniers, as this is what this bicycle has been designed for. I plan to carry out full tests with luggage load during the next year expedition. I am currently negotiating with Lucyna to go on the next expedition also with a recumbent, a SWB USS 20/26 FS type, i.e. under seat steering and 20 inch front wheel. There is some resistance, cause it's something new and that balance thing..., fortunately I have the entire winter to convince her ;-)