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April 2009
Riding a recumbent bicycle, Igor took part in the MTB marathon in Chodzież, once again proving that this solution is suitable even for demanding routes. Even though he fell off the bike on three occasions, and had to patch a tube once, Igor considered this event to be fairly successful – he reached the finish line before 100 out of 330 participants racing over a distance of 32 km (MINI).

Igor rode a recumbent bicycle in the MTB marathon in Murowana Goślina, over a distance of 68 km (MEGA).

It is now certain that the May issue of Rowertour magazine will feature our journey to Crimea as the expedition of the month. The coverage was prepared by Lucyna. Enjoy the reading.

We have just come back from Sierakowski Landscape Park, where we enjoyed a few hours' ride on recumbent bicycles. Lucyna took the HP Velotechnik Street Machine GTE bicycle, and did a great job on forest paths despite using narrow 40 mm tyres.
It was our first "training" together on recumbent bikes before this year's journey to Corsica and Sardinia.

Sierakowski Landscape Park is a place of unusual beauty: hundreds of lakes, lovely brooks running through deep ravines, overwhelming silence, and villages where time slows down considerably…