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September 2009
We have just uploaded a gallery of photos from this year's expedition.

A Polish nationwide rally of recumbent bicycles has come to an end today.
40 users of recumbent bikes from all over the country met in Rogalinek near Poznań. Each bicycle was different and unique: there were long wheelbase bikes, classic SWB models (including ones made entirely of carbon fibre), low racers, as well as two recumbent tricycles, and a highlight of the rally – a velomobile, also called a bicycle car. Among the most interesting recumbents there were two flevo bikes, which need no handlebars at all, as they are centre-steered or pivot-steered, by shifting the centre of gravity. On Saturday (5th September) we covered a distance of 70 km, cycling through Rogalin, Kórnik and Zaniemyśl. We had an opportunity to see such attractions as the newly renovated Raczyński Palace in Rogalin, and… we could swap bikes.
On Sunday (6th September) at noon we gathered at the Old Market Square in Poznań, where we attracted more attention than the legendary clockwork goats head-butting each other at the top of the old city hall. Afterwards we set off towards Lake Malta, where a 100-metre sprint competition took place on recumbent bikes.
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