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1.Before travelling to an exotic country you should not skimp on visiting a doctor specialising in tropical medicine. No special vaccinations are required before going to Mexico – hepatitis A and B vaccines will be enough, along with those protecting against diphtheria, tetanus and polio. Liability insurance is necessary. Medical insurance is also recommended.

2.Before departure it is worth making photocopies of passports, tickets, insurance certificates, and leaving them in the country with someone "IT-literate". If any of those documents get lost during the journey, the copies can be faxed, helping get support sooner. An up-to-date guidebook and a map are also crucial.

3.It is worth taking 1 or 2 packages of Panthenol, and a sunscreen (at least SPF 60), although in Mexico you can buy very good sun cosmetics (better than in Poland) in all bigger stores. Applied every 2 hours, the sunscreen will help avoid sunburn – otherwise you will not get far.

4.Small hotels and private guesthouses can be found almost everywhere. Room standards can vary, but our beds were always very comfortable and clean. USD 20 per room is an average rate. We did not take a tent or sleeping bags with us. If anything else fails, you can always knock at some door and ask for a piece of floor to sleep on. Believe us – tourists on bicycles always evoke positive emotions.

5.In the scorching heat you hardly ever feel like eating, but 3 meals a day are necessary. Drink a lot of water, and remember always to keep 2 litres with you. Plus some biscuits - crises are no laughing matter!

6.Always hide your money and credit cards in several different places, in separate panniers. If someone snatches a bag out of your hand, you will still have some money to keep going. NEVER show how much money you have, or that you keep it all in one place.

7.It is reasonable to fly to Cancun and start the tour around Mexico in Yucatan. Their roads are good, delicious food is available in many places, and you can choose between visiting: ruins, cenotes or beaches. Our advice – visit everything.