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Plans we had ...
We arrived at the Poznan Airport in style! One day before, we booked a taxi – asking for at least an estate car. I am not sure if the dispatcher did this on purpose, but we arrived at the airport in a big removal van.

We landed in Cancun just before midnight. It was terribly hot! The pre-booked hotel taxi was already waiting for us. It got even hotter at the reception desk, when it transpired that they had forgotten about our booking! What were we supposed to do with a pile of luggage and bikes in the middle of the night? They offered us a place in a six-bed room, already occupied by four guys. Well, I somehow survived the night, forced to look at some foreign buttocks dressed in white, see-through briefs (the butt was not nice - quite the opposite in fact). Next day the receptionist offered us a double room.

Everything was amazing to me: blooming hibiscuses, a few metre high fig trees, fresh fruit, the sun, the people, literally EVERYTHING! The only nuisance was... Igor. When I tugged at his hand in excitement saying: "Look! What a huge cactus!", my husband replied: "I have seen bigger in Cuba". When I was laughing in delight at a lizard rushing past my feet I heard him saying that he had seen more lizards, and bigger ones too. (Uhmm, these holidays promised to be fun!).

Having exchanged some dollars, we went to see the beach. Cancun is a popular holiday resort, therefore the shore was densely crowded.

That evening I almost went blind. We ordered food and it was accompanied by two pastes: red and green. Colours can be so misleading sometimes! After I dipped a piece of tortilla in the green paste and put it into my mouth, my eyes rapidly escaped from their sockets for a short trip around the square and nearby beach, only to come back after being appeased by a glass of juice, water and Igor’s beer. I thought that was avocado paste, but instead it was paste made from one of the hottest chilli peppers!

We stayed in Cancun for one more day in order to acclimatize to local conditions. For breakfast, among other things, we had fried eggs. Great, because that was Easter time and eggs were the only traditional element of our Easter breakfast. That was my first Easter abroad and the first Easter during which I was using Panthenol, wearing shorts and a strap shirt!

We had a challenging itinerary, although it was quickly modified by Mexican reality;-) We had no idea about the actual distances! We had been seemingly aware of the map scale, but on the spot it turned out that the map was rather simplified.