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First crises
At the beginning, the ride in Mexico was tough: I had a small crisis in Valladolid – a beautiful colonial-style town. I just did not feel like cycling. After a rest in a park and a decent meal, things got back to normal. Farther down the road, Igor had a temporary crisis as well. Following a short nap at a shaded bus stop, we continued cycling. We were passing some accommodation opportunities but Igor looked at the map, saying that he regained his strength and we would not stop until we reached the town of Chemax, where "we were bound to find some civilization";-) We reached the town not only exhausted but also well after dusk. Chemax turned out to be quite a town, but only on the map – there was no accommodation available! We asked in a convenience store, at a police station... to no avail. What to do? Cycling at night was not safe, we did not have a tent, and we did not have enough energy in any case. We were saved by a taxi driver who told us about some abandoned workers' lodgings. There were no doors and windows but the shower and the toilet were working. A night watchman charged us USD 5, gave us a crappy double hammock and walked away. Great! We were going to sleep that night! It was stupid of me to give Igor our wallet with all the money when he went with the taxi driver to take a look at the lodging. Igor did not use his brain as well. The taxi driver could have taken him for a ride and, at best, steal all the cash! For a long half an hour I was left with two bikes and no money, surrounded by natives with whom I could not communicate... That was stupid!

We did not sleep very well: Igor spent the night in the hammock and myself - on our bags. I slept restlessly all night - monkeys were screaming and something bit me. We did not feel like eating so having tried some fruit, we set off. That was another mistake! Unlike in other regions of Mexico, there were no roadside stalls along the road to Coba. We ate all the cookies, drank all the water and after a few kilometres I tired myself out. The sun was scorching so I set my cycle computer to display time rather than covered distance because I did not want to see all my effort being translated only into single metres. Despite stopping every now and then, I was so tired that I could not even cry. When cycling, it felt slightly cooler but I could not get on the bike anyway. Such a crisis is a strange state. At the crossroads before Coba Igor spotted a roadside stall. He put my bike on the side and brought me another chair so that I could stretch out my legs. I drank 2 canned drinks, ate 2 pieces of home-made pie and just fell asleep. I dozed for only 2 hours but woke up really invigorated. The crisis was over. I promised myself not to let that happen again!