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Sardinia: Olbia and Gallura
After a 50-minute cruise we arrive in Santa Teresa di Gallura, Sardinia. We begin to explore this Italian island by visiting the nearest bar. Well, we were told that Sardinia would be cheaper than Corsica,... but it is not.
We leave the town, heading for Sassari. I feel hot today, and Igor reminds me that I haven't used the UV protecting fluid yet. He is right – in the morning I decided that I would be fine during the walk around Bonifacio. Those few hours without UV protection passed by surprisingly quickly, so now I apply the fluid under the watchful eye of my husband.
Nothing interesting happens over the next 20 km. We only see garbage scattered at the roadside. If the landscape wasn't so green, with blue sea visible in the distance behind the trees, I would probably think we were in the Crimean Steppe. The road is straight and flat, no particular attractions around, the sun is scorching, and I feel I've got sunburnt pretty bad. We pull over at some gas station. It is past 4 pm, so Igor takes a short nap. I apply some more SPF 60 sunscreen on my skin, and catch up on writing. Every once in a while I take a look at Igor, thinking: "He is probably dreaming of a cold drink and an ice-cream dessert. Maybe I should nap as well, and dream about something other than the warm mineral water I have at hand?" After the 1-hour break we decide to move on to the nearest campsite. As we cycle, I try to use every patch of shade that I can find on the road, in order to relieve my sizzling hot arms and legs. Why do I always have a lapse of rational thinking at some point of our expeditions? I behaved as if it was my first trip to a warm climate.
The first thing we do at Valledoria campsite ( is buy something cold to drink. I roll the ice-cold soda can down my aching thighs and arms, seeking at least temporary relief. It's already past 8 pm, but the nice girls at the reception desk check us in without any problems. We pay EUR 17.5 for a "2 persons plus a tent or caravan" package. We also get a free map of Sardinia (1:230000) and a guidebook listing Sardinia's campsites. All in all, the service and the campsite itself are great. There is internet access, so we can find out what is going on in Poland.
Luckily, the water in the shower is rather cool, so I can easily refresh my sunburnt body. Panthenol proves to be my best friend today. Igor has watched me closely for some time, silently shaking his head in resignation.