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Corsica. Bastia. A meeting with
Corsica. Northern tip of Cap Corse, with Ile de la Giraglia in the background.
Corsica. In a small village there is no room for big petrol stations.
Corsica. West coast of Cap Corse.
Corsica. In some places the road is carved into the rock.
Corsica. Grey beach at the foot of Nonza village.
Corsica. Door-knocker at a hotel in Pigna.
Corsica. One of many door-knockers in Corsica.
Corsica. The village of Montemaggiore.
Corsica. Beach in Calvi, with the citadel in the background.
Corsica. Calvi citadel.
Corsica. Calvi. View of the harbour from the citadel.
Corsica. Porto in the rays of the setting sun.
Corsica. View of Calanche from the sea.
Corsica. Footpath made of algae in the Scandola Nature Reserve.
Corsica. Scandola Nature Reserve.
Corsica. Elbo Bay in the Scandola Nature Reserve.
Corsica. Evening in Porto.
Corsica. Roadside water fountain.
Corsica. Road through Calanche.
Corsica. The rock of love in Calanche.
Corsica. Posing for a photo in motion, in Calanche.
Corsica. Calanche once again. Judging by the number of uploaded photos, it made a big impression on us.
Corsica. Strong winds blowing constantly in the Bay of Sagone prevent trees from growing straight up.
Corsica. A manifestation of Corsican separatism - road signs with French names are persistently vandalised with spray paint. They also often serve as shooting targets.
Corsica. A very steep climb near Verghia forced us to walk the bicycles.
Corsica. At 7 am, after a wonderful night spent at a beach in Abbartello.
Corsica. Charming nooks of Sartene.
Corsica. No less charming streets in Bonifacio.
Corsica. Bonifacio. A view of the bay, harbour and the upper city.
Corsica. Seaside cemetery in Bonifacio.
Corsica. Seaside cemetery gate in Bonifacio.
Corsica. Going out to the sea from Bonifacio Bay.
Corsica. The famous cliffs in Bonifacio and impressive houses built on their edges.
Sardinia. Such a landscape is characteristic of the northern parts of the island. There is also the first nuraghe that we saw - a tower built several thousand years ago without the use of mortar.
Sardinia. Castelsardo - the most picturesque town we visited on the west coast of the island.
Sardinia. Snails seemed to be very fond of that roadside post.
Sardinia. On a busy road I saved a tortoise from imminent death under car wheels.
Sardinia. 654 steps leading to Grotta di Nettuno (Neptune's Grotto). As legend has it, only goats were capable of getting there, which is why the staircase is now called "goat's steps".
Sardinia. Rocky coast south of Alghero.
Sardinia. Fort protecting access to the harbour of Bosa.
Sardinia. Outside of Cuglieri.
Sardinia. Ruins of the ancient city of Tharros.
Sardinia. Late afternoon - as usual - in the main village square.
Sardinia. In mountain villages time stands still in the afternoons.
Sardinia. Near the famous Su Nuraxi nuraghe.
Sardinia. In the mountains, with Aritzo and Tonara in the background.
Sardinia. Time for a rest after exhausting climbs.
Sardinia. Mural in Fonni.
Sardinia. One of 150 "murales" in Orgosolo.
Sardinia. A downhill ride from Orgosolo.
Sardinia. Beach in S.Teodoro, a few days before the beginning of the holiday season.
Corsica. After the hailstorm that caught us at the camping site in Zonza, we found hail stones with diameters reaching 3 cm.
Corsica. Camping site in Zonza - after the hailstorm there was a white, steaming carpet spread on the ground.
Corsica. After the hailstorm a stream appeared under our tent, so I had to "build" bypass channels.
Corsica. Morning at a camping site in Zonza.
Corsica. A close encounter with wild pigs - around 15 thousand of those animals live in Corsica.
Corsica. Corsicans consider the meat of wild pigs to be the best pork in the world. They are probably right, as the diet of those animals mainly consists of edible chestnuts, acorns and herbs.
Corsica. Early morning at the Col de Verde (1289 m).
Corsica. Climb to the Col de Sorba.
Corsica. Climb to the Col de Sorba.
Corsica. No comment…
Corsica. On the crossroads in the region of Castagniccia.
Corsica. Castagniccia. Another close encounter…
Corsica. Castagniccia is full of charming mountain villages like this one - Stazzona.
Corsica. In the commune of Casinca villages are situated on hilltops.
Corsica. Casinca. The city of Vescovato.
Corsica. Yet another close encounter with animals.