Tools & spare parts
On every cycling expedition you should have some basic tools, such as a penknife, a hex key set, bike pump and patches. For longer trips, you will also need: a chain tool, 8mm and 10 mm hex keys, a flat wrench (for cones and pedals), an adjustable spanner, a cassette removing tool, brake blocks, a set of cables, a few screws and nuts, a piece of thick wire, a nipple wrench, a couple of spokes with nipples, small pliers, one or two spare tubes, some chain oil, a decent glue, needles and threads and finally, a good knife. You are probably surprised to see so many items on this list, thinking "What the heck is all this?!". However, all these things may come in handy. Nothing spoils the fun more than a damage that cannot be fixed on the spot, when there is no repair shop in sight.