Next, decide if it is going to be a solo or group expedition.
Both have advantages and drawbacks. An individual expedition requires a good deal of mental strength and courage. This is the best option for someone with a strong personality – not only are you solely in charge (the choice of route and distance), but also you are not restricted by any fellow cyclist, with his or her whims, moods or fitness issues.
If you cycle as a group (I recommend a two-man expedition), it is definitely safer. Besides, you can share the joys and worries with a friend and it is easier to overcome a potential crisis. However, every rose has a thorn. During a long expedition, conflicts are bound to happen. Therefore, cyclists should have similar characters and both ought to be physically prepared. Just imagine a situation where you both are climbing some pass and one of you has already made it. Waiting for the partner, the person is cold and angry, feeling as if wasting precious time. The other biker finally arrives and wants to have some rest. Always lagging behind, the other person is angry as well. Certainly, the best way is to cycle together, with the slower one setting the tempo, but sometimes it can be frustrating. Still, I believe that having similar mentality is far more important. Nothing can spoil a trip more than a grumpy and spiteful companion.