big photo 754 kB
Kilometres of vineyards near Patrimonio. [Corsica]

big photo 1094 kB
Beautiful village Nonza, and in the background remains of asbestos mine. [Corsica]

big photo 1255 kB
Sight from citadel in Calvi. [Corsica]

big photo 746 kB
Bay Golfe de la Revellata south of Calvi. [Corsica]

big photo 761 kB
Orange coloured rocks neae Porto. [Corsica]

big photo 1396 kB
Calanche rocks seen from the road between Porto and Piana. [Corsica]

big photo 792 kB
Malownicza plaża Plage de Baraci przy mieście Propriano i zatoka Golfe de Valinco. [Corsica]

big photo 720 kB
Górne miasto w Bonifacio w świetle zachodzącego słońca. [Corsica]

big photo 910 kB
Widok z Bonifacio w kierunku Capo Pertusato. [Corsica]

big photo 905 kB
Bonifacio bay with fortifications and hidden micro bays. One of the most beautiful places the Earth! [Corsica]

big photo 733 kB
Cala Luna beach at Golfo di Orosei bay. Colour of water in this place is incredible. [Sardinia]

big photo 1266 kB
Downhill from Col de Sorba 1311m high. towards Vivario town. In the background Monte Cardu 2453m high. [Corsica]

big photo 700 kB
Micro region Casinca at the edge of Castagniccia. [Corsica]