July 2009
On 7 July we returned home from an almost one month long expedition, which consisted in testing recumbent bicycles in the islands of Corsica and Sardinia. The test involved two models: Igor's CYKLOTUR Enduro (26-inch wheels, comprehensive shock absorption system, above-seat steering) and Lucyna's CYKLOTUR Tour (20/26-inch wheels, comprehensive shock absorption system, above-seat steering). The results were outstanding – even better than we had expected, as we had been afraid of uphill climbs on bikes loaded with heavy panniers. In the end, not only did we successfully complete 99.9% of all climbs (including a few passes at elevations exceeding 1000 m above mean sea level), but we also avoided tiredness and pain after each day's cycling. As our journey came to an end, Lucyna declared that she would never ride another bicycle.

As for the trip itself: Corsica is breathtaking, charming with its beauty and variety, frequently surprising. Sardinia is quite different: full of unbelievably curvy and narrow roads in mountain villages, offering friendly encounters with locals, and marvellous beaches on its eastern coast. A photo gallery and full coverage of the expedition will be available on the website soon.

All in all, we cycled a distance of 1650 km – 860 km in Corsica and 790 km in Sardinia.

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